The 10 Most Powerful Tips for Leaders

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So here they are…

1. Have a Vision You Believe In 

This is by far the single most important point if you want to make sure your team respects you and that you are making the right decisions for your organization.

2. Focus on Your Mission Statement

As a leader, you need to see the bigger picture and that means focusing on how to deliver results and how to grow the business.

3. Build Resilience and Plan for Contingencies

Make sure that your business is able to handle crises and that you know what you’ll do in any of the worst-case scenarios. Always be prepared.

4. Hire the Right Team

Your team should be diverse in their skills and their abilities, but they should be united by the common goal that you all share and the common vision.

5. Give Your Team Autonomy and Credit

This is the best way to make work intrinsically motivating for your team and to ensure they work hard and passionately.

6. Stay Calm, Be Respected

This will keep your team calm and it will make you seem more confident. This is most important when you are challenged by dissidents and when you are going through tough times. By showing your passion, doing what’s best for the team, and being friendly but distant, you can endeavor to be respected. This is better than being liked or feared.

7. Be One Step Ahead

Use financial modeling and other techniques to stay one step ahead. Always look to the future.

8. Take Responsibility

If things go wrong, you must always take responsibility. This gives your team confidence and assurance but also wins their respect.

9. Be Knowledgeable

You won’t be the best at everything, and you need to know how to delegate. BUT you should also make it your business to understand the role of each team member so that you can overseas the course of your ship.

10. Take Risks

It is important to take risks and be courageous as a leader. This is again what will allow you to grow, and what will make your team achieve above the rest.

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By Nancy Salinas

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