Our trip to Hot Springs, AR

While we are all in the process of staying “social distancing” my family and I decided to take a quick trip to Hot Springs, AR.

During this pandemic, I have taken this time to organize my house, spend a ton of time with the kids playing cards, going to the park, playing board games, catching up on shows with my hubby, tried different recipes and catching up on tv shows (like Ozark) and reading a ton of books and magazines. I’m not going to lie, us being home, has been very positive for my family. No eating out as much or spending money on things we don’t need. In every situation, I always look for the positive, and in this situation, my family and I have really enjoyed our home more and enjoying each other. We went to Hot Springs before things got really bad. I guess you can say we went in good timing. Now that it’s been recommended people stay home, that is exactly what we are doing. It’s time to stay safe and wait for all this to pass. I pray that everyone stays safe and always look for the positive in every situation. We are all in this together and this to shall pass. I truly believe that this is God’s way of us appreciating our home and taking a moment to spend quality time with our family in this fast pace of life. We all need to take a moment to slow down and just enjoy living in the moment. Don’t forget to check out our Youtube video to Hot Spring, Ar.

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By Nancy Salinas

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