5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude to Live a Happier Life

Some people believe that if they possessed more things or had better luck, they would be more grateful. They say to themselves, if only I had more money or a bigger house, I will be happier. However, the number of things that you accumulate will not affect your attitude. Gratitude is an attitude that can easily be cultivated, no matter your current situation. Here are five ways you can grow your gratitude to live a happier life.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Take a few moments every day to jot down five things that you are grateful for in your life. These things can range from being thankful for waking up in the morning feeling rested to getting to work on time or just having a job in itself. Just doing this simple but powerful thing help you to realize and see how truly blessed you are. And in doing so this allows those feeling to propel you toward greatness for the rest of the day.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Change the way you think about your day by just stopping and smelling the flowers for a moment. Actively try to catch yourself before you get overwhelmed with negative thoughts or feelings. Take a walk and feel grateful for those things around you, like the oxygen being provided by the trees around you. This simple activity can give you the opportunity to view a stressful situation in a new way.

Find Something Positive in the Negative

Before you get upset about what seems to be a difficult situation, take a moment to shift that negative thought into one that is positive. If you’re stuck in what seems like never-ending traffic, look on it as a chance to meditate or get into a calmer state before getting home. Or maybe taking that time to listen to your favorite podcast or favorite music without distractions. Just shifting your mindset to a more positive one, will help situations that you encounter in the future easier to handle.

Go a Day Without Complaining

Set a new pattern in your life by abstaining from complaining for an entire day. At first, it may seem hard, but once you realizing how to set your mind into a more positive mindset it will help your outlook on life. Work to find one good thing among the dozen of negative things that might affect you throughout the day. Allow yourself to be transformed by this new attitude.

Give a Genuine Compliment

Share your kindness and authentic praise with someone around you, whether it’s a friend or a stranger. A simple “Good job” helps to feel more positive and kind. Not only will this spread the love to another person, but it will also uplift you and push you to focus on the good, and allow you to build an even stronger relationship.

By integrating some of these exercises of gratitude into your daily life, you will learn what will ultimately allow you to continue to be thankful for each day.

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By Nancy Salinas

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